Get Some this Summer!



It’s hot and muggy in NYC and it’s the perfect time to crank up the heat.

Why now?

Because in Feng Shui, the Summer season represents Fame and Reputation.

In laymen’s terms, this means that you can easily power up the area of your home that supports the things you want to be seen or known for.

Want to be the next Lady Gaga or Pulitzer Prize Winner?

Then Summer is unfortunately not the time for you to slack off.

At least not completely.

Using the Feng Shui Bagua or “compass,” we are able to locate your Fame/Reputation area – the center back area of the room as seen from the door of that room.

Align this with the door to the room to find your Fame and Reputation area. Image: Feng Shui Creative















 3 Tips to Enhance your Fame and Reputation Area:

1) Hang your credentials. Have some diplomas or awards that are stored away in the cupboard? Dust them off and proudly display them in this area.

2) Put on something red. Empower this area with the color that supports not only this area, but powerful visibility. Try artwork or even a plant with red flowers.

3) Create a designated Fame area on your desk. Did you know that you can apply the Bagua to your desk as well? As you are looking out over your desk, align the Bagua to the bottom of your desk to see where you “Fame and Reputation” area falls. In that area, place the paperwork related to what you want to be known for. Aspiring writer? Place the manuscript here. Looking to get some new clients? Stack the contracts here. It’s that easy.

I would love to hear how you created your own personal “Fame and Reputation” area in your space. Take a minute to do any one of these three tips, then get back that much faster to sipping your cold iced tea by the pool.

Enjoy the heat!

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Mini wellness treatments will be available with various health experts and I will be offering Complimentary Feng Shui Sessions.

What does that mean?

Come and find out for yourself!

If you are still unsure of whether to attend, remember this Chinese proverb:

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Take this step toward a different life.

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Hope to see you next week!

Come out, come out, wherever you are

Masks can be beautiful but what's behind it is surely more beautiful. photo:

Beautiful but what’s behind the mask is surely more beautiful.  photo:

Last week, I took part in two fun activities that were polar opposites of each other.

Or so I thought.

I roamed through the Rubin Museum’s beautiful mask exhibit and was quietly and profoundly moved. Later that day, I went to a Meetup where I tried an exhilarating improv class for the first time.

These two activities BOTH had me thinking, What masks are we hiding behind every day?

Every moment, you project into the world a very specific image of who you are and what you want.

Are you representing who you truly are or are you hiding behind a mask?

Toss the mask and come out.

Who is the true you? Is he/she hiding behind clutter, pretense, fear, anger, humor, confusion or people-pleasing?

Our bodies mask a million emotions. Our homes mask a million more.

Walk around your home and you’ll see what I mean. Things are hidden in drawers, closets, fridges. WE are hidden behind social media posts and profiles. 

Being aware of how you are hiding is the first step in coming out from behind your mask.

Only then can you begin taking steps to remove your facade.

Take one step into fear. Make one less nervous joke or snide remark. Do away with fierce independence and allow yourself to receive profound love. Donate one thing from that pile. Just one thing.

It just take one action to change the energy, the vibration.

Then watch your mask start melting. It may not happen overnight as that mask took all these years to form.

But start now. Start today.

Make a promise to allow yourself to be your true self. Even if you don’t know who that is yet. Removing your disguise will reveal who you really are and give you permission to finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Then get this:

We will still love you. Promise.

We love the true you even more. photo:

We love the true you even more. photo:


Your Life Begins Today. Really. No, Really

The time is now. This weekend. Today.

The time is now. This weekend. Today.

Ok I lied.

I told you that my newsletter was now monthly and if you follow me, I usually send them out really early on the 2nd Wed of the month. Today is Friday. Afternoon.

What’s up?

Something happened to me this week that couldn’t wait until next month.

After I recorded the last vlog (if you missed it, view it here), so much kept swirling through my head.

What else was I not giving myself permission to do?

When I took an honest inventory, I came up with a short but powerful list. 

Then I wept.

I’m a Feng Shui coach but I am FAR from perfect. People think that coaches don’t have problems. Wrong. The reason we are coaches is because we have worked through and are still working through the issues that you want to work through. We teach and serve through real-life experience. Reality TV for life improvement if you may.

Now back to my weeping.

I realized that even though I adore my work, there were other parts of my life that I didn’t love but had convinced myself that there could be no other way. Things could not change. I was stuck. I had no choice. Any other way would hurt so many people. First round of weeping and “woe-is-me”ing commenced.

It was a good weep. I sat with it. Then sat some more. What I realized in hindsight, I was in the process of hurting, accepting and healing – all at the same time. When my weeping subsided, I had a new perspective on my issues. Something had shifted. 

I started seeing my issues in a completely new light. I saw that I DID have a choice, actually choiceS. I was not stuck. Things could change. Things could be different. I just needed to give myself permission to make different choices. The choices were very, very difficult. People would indeed get hurt. But there was no other way. I needed to make the choices, no matter how difficult they were, to take back responsibility of my own life.

Second round of weeping.

The reason I am writing about this is because it was a friggin’ major moment for me (thank you new moon and Mercury), but also because many of you may be feeling this way going into this Memorial day weekend. Tons of obligations and must-do lists abound. Choice seems like a foreign word.

How many of those things on your list is for you? How many of those things really make you happy, and I mean truly happy?

I invite you this weekend to do one small thing toward your flight to freedom. Because that’s what happens - 


I was set free this week and damn did it feel good. 

NOW, join me in the discussion in the comments section. How do you plan to give yourself permission this weekend or this month?

  • Will you give yourself permission to not work, go offline and free yourself to just relax?
  • Will you give yourself permission to let go of some things in your basement/garage/attic/closet that you don’t love and free yourself of guilt?
  • Will you give yourself permission to let go of your “skinny clothes” and set yourself free to be who you are, and love yourself just as you are?
  • Will you give yourself permission to tell your (mom/dad/partner/sister/enter person here), “thank you for your advice”, then free yourself to do what you really want to do anyway?

Let us know right now what what you will give yourself permission to do to set yourself free. IT’S TIME.

Start Living a Life of No Regrets

Life can actually be a walk in the park, if we decide it to be.

Life can actually be a walk in the park, if we decide it to be.

If you were on your deathbed today, what would be the number one thing you wished you had done in your life?

I know, not a super cheery way to start a post, but I wanted to get your attention!

Many of us wait for “later” or “one day” to do the things that we really want to do. We wait our whole lives to REALLY live our life, our dreams. And then we wonder why we are always tired, overwhelmed or in a persistent bad mood.

If your bucket list is loooong, this is a MUST see video! Learn the simple secret to taking the first step to living a life of no regrets.

If you found this video helpful, please pass it along!  I would also love to hear in the comments section what you are giving yourself permission to do TODAY so regret is far way!

Wishing you a peaceful transition into the Summer (yes I said it!) season!

A Simple Spring Makeover

Geez Spring, took your time, huh?

It’s finally here and it’s time to take action, to take advantage of the “new beginning” energy of Spring!

Clearing out that “stuff” that clogs your external and internal world will allow fresher and better things into your life. And who doesn’t want that?

Watch my video below for two easy tips to get you on your way to creating a harmonious, Feng Shui happy environment, both inside and out!

Looking forward to hearing what actions you are taking toward your Spring Makeover!

PS: I’m aware of my slight wardrobe malfunction but I heard my Grouchy Gremlin and posted the video anyway because nobody is perfect!! Take that Gremlin!

Spring Makeover from Susan Chan – Feng Shui Creative on Vimeo.


How to Beat the Perfectionist Gremlins

Shaking it up!

I’ve taken my monthly newsletter to a video format (deep breath).

As I explain in my video, starting something new can sometimes be challenging and bring up alot of inner dialogue (mostly unsavory).

What’s important to remember when approaching anything new, it will most likely be an uncomfortable process.

I know, not exactly what you want to hear, but trust me, those of you who have gone down this road know that this is a necessary path.

If you stick through the process, you will soon see that this path will get smoother and brighter with each step you take.

On a lighter note, Spring is almost here in New York City – thank goodness – and in Feng Shui, Spring is all about growth and expansion. Layer the growth of the Chinese New Year of the Wood Goat on top of that and it’s expansion explosion!

Watch my first ever video below for inspiration and learn what to do when those pesky Gremlins start cropping up and steer you from your goals.

Perfectionist Gremlins from Susan Chan – Feng Shui Creative on Vimeo.

Leave a comment about this topic of Perfectionism and please share - what are you willing to commit to in this time of growth and expansion? What actions are you willing to take and how will you allow room to NOT be Perfect?

Looking forward to your responses!

Geng Hai Fat Choi!

Are you already feeling the slower tempo and milder temperament of the Wood Goat?

Are you already feeling the slower tempo and milder temperament of the Wood Goat?

Geng Hai Fat Choi is a Chinese New Year greeting which literally means “Wishing you the best of wealth” or “Good fortune is coming your way.”

We Chinese really know what’s important.

All kidding aside, in Feng Shui, as a general rule, we say that you can only have wealth if you have good health (you can only work if you are healthy and that is how you make your money). Therefore, wishing you good wealth implies that we are also wishing you good health.

So when I say Geng Hai Fat Choi, I am wishing you and yours a very Happy, Healthy and most Prosperous Year of the Wood Goat!

What the Goat wants you to Know


The Year of the Goat promises to be very different than last year.

2014 was Year of the Wood Horse – lots of action, energy, ups and downs. And if you weren’t prepped and well strapped in, you surely felt that saddle. Ouch.

This year’s goat energy is going to be friendlier although not without some twists and turns. That would be boring, wouldn’t it?

As the goat’s energy is a feminine yin energy, it will feel more peaceful, harmonious and move more slowly than its ground thumping predecessor. There will definitely be growth and progress this year, but again, patience will be needed.

This year, emphasis is also about getting back to the basics. If there is something that you want to achieve, you may need to think outside the box and look at scenarios differently.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Truly understanding the combination of your Chinese Astrology and how it interacts with the energy of the Goat year, you can unleash your TRUE POWER AND POTENTIAL.

Year of the Wood Goat




I’m offering very special Chinese Astrology readings by phone, to help you start your new year off on the right foot. The Universe holds a specific energy for each person every year and knowing what energy is being held for you this year can mean a difference between a great year and a “eh” year.

Your personalized Chinese Astrology reading will:
  • Reveal what your specific “hidden” energy is for 2015, allowing you to set the right tone for 2015
  • Uncover how the energy of the Wood Goat year will specifically affect your Chinese animal
  • Show you how you can use the year of the Wood Goat to your advantage
  • Reveal what activities would best suit you this year
  • Give you specific auspicious dates in 2015 that will be helpful if you are planning special events, meetings, business launches, a wedding or relocation
  • Help you better understand yourself, your natural tendencies and preferences and learn how to use them to your advantage in personal and professional settings
  • Allow you to better understand your loved ones, their energy and how you can use this information to better interact with them
  • Get answers for up to 5 specific questions

Price: $150 (normally $200)





Purchase a call as a gift and get the second call for 50% off!


Just remember that Chinese New Year symbolically means new beginnings. So take action now! You can make The Year of the Wood Goat the best year possible for you!



Traditional Chinese New Year Prep

Everyone can celebrate Chinese New Year. image:

Anyone and everyone can celebrate Chinese New Year. image:

We are officially 6 days away from Chinese New Year.

Since today is Friday the 13th, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about rituals to help prepare for Chinese New Year.

It’s not that I’m superstitious, but there’s lots that goes into preparing for Chinese New Year if you are a “real” Chinese person.

What I mean by “real” is a Chinese person who knows and adheres to Chinese traditions. I was not born in Asia and grew up in the States, so could I be considered “really” Chinese?

Of course!

My parents have fiercely held onto Chinese tradition especially since they had left China at an early age and whether I liked it or not, these traditions stuck (ahem, I am a Feng Shui Consultant).

Preparations for Chinese New Year are steeped in years of tradition.

For Chinese New Year, I practice very sacred and pride-worthy rituals that I imagine my great-grandfather also performed – he was a Feng Shui Master in China.

Here are some guidelines to prepare for a healthy and prosperous Year of the Goat:

1) Toss out the old - Declutter or clean up the part of your home that is nagging you. I know, I’m hearing a lot of groans. Don’t let this first task deter you. Set a timer for 30 minutes, tackle, take a break and repeat. The trick here is to find the balance between letting go of objects that don’t work (symbolic) and being gentle with yourself (OCD peeps, I’m talking to you).

2) Settle old debts - Do you owe someone money or do they owe you? Do your best to pay back any loans or give back things you have borrowed. Someone owes you money and you haven’t been able to get reimbursed? If you’re able, forgive the loan and wish this person prosperity in the new year. That’s the best energy you could wish for this person and yourself to allow you both to move forward.

3) Bring out Mr. Clean - Once you’re done letting go of the old, thoroughly clean your home and sweep your floors BEFORE 2/19, Chinese New Year day. Sweep every corner, dust every nook and scrub every surface (without being too OCD of course). A fresh and new beginning is represented by a clean home. Again, do it before the New Year not on the day, since the Chinese believe that you can sweep away your wealth.

4) Hang up red things – Red in Feng Shui and Chinese tradition signifies luck, prosperity and all good things. Get yourself some traditional Chinese lanterns or be creative and just switch out artwork or pillows to add lucky accents to your space.

image: getdomainvids

Buy your red lanterns here. image: getdomainvids


Need some ideas? Check out this guy for some quirky fun.

5) Decorate with nature - During this week before Chinese new year, fill your space with fresh flower and fauna. Red or pink colors are best. Just avoid white as it is an unlucky new year’s color. Tie red envelopes to the stems or branches to signify an offering to the Wealth God for a prosperous year. Evergreens are orchids are wonderful choices.

6) Buy new clothes - I know you are loving this one. The Chinese believe that the best way to welcome in the new year is in your best garb. If you can’t afford a whole outfit, wear your best outfit – no holes or loose hems please – and purchase a small item that is new. A new scarf or socks perhaps? Just be sure they are clean, pressed and worn with joy. Oh and be sure not to wear black or white but red to signify – you guessed it – luck and fortune!


Want to take prepping for Chinese New Year one step further and optimize the Year of the Goat?